Trauma First Response

EMS/Public Safety
Four people from various industries

PHTLS Trauma First Response is a one day, eight hour continuing education course designed to teach the principles of PHTLS to first responders, police officers, firefighters, rescue personnel, industrial response teams, safety officers, community emergency response teams and others in public health.

The course will prepare them to care for trauma patients, whether they serve as part of a transport team or care for patients while waiting transport providers. The core content of PHTLS is covered in a manner that is useful to those in public safety and health who have not had EMT or advanced prehospital training.

The lectures and practical stations are designed to teach the type of care first responders can render while awaiting transport and helps enable them to assist paramedics and EMTs at the trauma scene.

This course may also be used in the initial training for the immediate first response and care before EMS arrives.