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Two people in plain clothes
Head and shoulders above all others. These people are truly experts with a firm grasp on the subject matter and how to articulate that information effectively to our population. BRAVO!
S. Velasquez, NREMT-P, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, NJ
You know that a course is excellent when you never look at your watch to see what time it is. Duane, Brooke, and Fred are excellent in presentation and delivery of the material. Look forward to seeing them again!
J. Sones, RN, CFCN
This course is miles ahead of any other class I have taken. Being a medic for 24 years, I still learn new and better skills and approaches to my practice.
K. Dougherty, MICP, NREMT-P, ECO, EMD, Capital Health Systems, Trenton, NJ
Outstanding class!
F. Antonelli, NREMT-P
This was one of the best CE courses I have attended. This material kept my interest and the workshops (roundtable discussion) were very informative.
M. Donnelly NREMT-P, NJ
This course was so relaxed that we did not feel stressed. We learn more when we enjoy doing courses. I loved the course. Best course I have ever taken. Thank you.
T. Greenwood, RN, CFRN, Elmwood, NJ
Excellent program. Between the class content, student input, and instructor's knowledge, walked away with new knowledge even with years of experience.
J. McGinty, EMT-P
Excellent course! Knowledgeable and friendly instructors combined with the rough course work provided an excellent experience overall.
D. Haight MICP, Atlantic Health Systems, NJ
Oupsa! Excellent!
N. Kahn EMT-P, NY